Nightmarish Harrison

Canberra Times, Panorama, Saturday February 10, 2007
capital LIFE with Helen Musa

Former cartoonist Stephen Harrison has an exhibition of drawings and recent sculpture opening at Megalo Gallery today. His often nightmarish sculptures, cityscapes, gothic houses and Aboriginal spirit animal busts are in marked contrast to the drawings he is exhibiting, such as the portrait of his son Oscar opposite. Since graduating from the Canberra School of Art in 1987, where he studied under Czech printmaker Petr Herel, Harrison has held 18 solo shows nationally and internationally. His last exhibition, Shakespeare Girls, the Blood Babies and the Gnarled Blackened Castles of the Golden City of Prague, was in part a response to travelling to Prague during 2002.
I own a huge Harrison oil on the theme of the white invasion of Aboriginal Australia, and find his work constantly fascinating, and in flux. Blue Thylacine, Other Drawings + the Decayed City Sculptures is at the gallery, 49 Phillip Avenue in Watson until February 24.

Stephen Harrison's portrait of his son Oscar,
above showing at Megalo Gallery until February 24.