IT’S a new, more communally-minded era in the arts world and sculptor,  artist and erstwhile cartoonist  Stephen Harrison has had a bright idea — he’s decided to start a sculpture prize in his  street.
CityNews, June 27, 2013
Helen Musa - "City News" arts editor
Arnold's dream
Stephen Harrison, “Arnold’s dream.”
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Harrison lives on a little street in Downer, with six houses and six front yards. All the residents, he told “CityNews”, have agreed to open their front yards for the weekend of November 15-17 this year.

His idea is that sculptures and installations of local artists will be installed and open for viewing all that weekend. A people’s choice award of $500 will be announced and further awards are expected as the art prize gains momentum.

“This will be a goodwill, community based event I hope everyone will enjoy,” Harrison says, adding that it will also be a fundraiser for Animals Australia.

He is calling for submissions over the entire month of July and the entries will be selected by Harrison, David Boon (curator, ANU art collection) and art-lover Chrissy Jefferis.

Downer Street takes to sculpture