Sculpture at Scenic World transforms Blue Mountains rainforests

The Sydney Morning Herald, April 18, 2015
Melanie Kembrey - Journalist


horsemen - Scenic World

Sculpture at Scenic World

Artwork by Stephen Harrison titled The Conference of the Three Horsemen. Photo: Wolter Peeters

Who knew that lyrebirds had such a taste for fine art? Then again, when an exhibition is held in their nest, they don't have far to travel.

More than 30 sculptures have this week transformed the pristine Blue Mountains rainforest into an outdoor art gallery.

As well as curious lyrebirds, the weather, trees and natural ecosystems were all taken into account during the installation of Sculpture at Scenic World.

Each sculpture was transported by a steep cableway into the depths of the Jamison Valley in Katoomba over a two-week period. 

"It is curated in the same way that you would curate a white box gallery space. However, we've just got a lot more elements to think of," exhibition manager Justin Morrissey said.

Set along a 2.4 kilometre board, the exhibition is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia and perhaps even the world.

Hundreds of artists apply to have their pieces exhibited, with many creating works especially to fit into the Jurassic surrounds.

"The forest provides this majestic theatre for the artists to play in," Mr Morrissey said.

"There's a new experience around every corner, so you're not seeing too much of the same thing in one spot. I was really conscious that you want to have enough time to enjoy the rainforest and the art."

Certainly the lyrebirds are enjoying both. One bird caused quite a stir among organisers when it took a snooze on a sculpture of a bed.

Sculpture at Scenic World runs until May 10, 2015. For information about tickets click here.