Stephen Harrison
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9 Paintings by Stephen Harrison - Unlikely Stories 2020

Arts / ACT artists spotted at Bondis sea exhibition -Helen Musa

Arts / Stephen's bronze horse wins Sculpture in the Valley - Helen Musa

Arts / Sculptor scores bronze in art win - Helen Musa

The way of all butterflies - Ian Warden

Sculpture at Scenic World transforms Blue mountains rainforests
- Melanie Kembrey

Alumnus wins Yass Sculpture in the Paddock - ANU

Stephen Harrison paints Phoenix Pub's portrait gallery

Downer street takes to scuplture - Helen Musa

Street party bound to go off - Ian Warden

Sculpture on the Edge a real blast - Bega District News

KANGAROOVEY 6.2.09 - Canberra Contempory Art Space News

Manuka Pet Show - Megan Doherty

Undiscovered - Sasha Grishin

Art prize show - Helen Musa

Gothic Pleasure unfolds - Sasha Grishin

Nightmarish Harrison - Helen Musa

On the Tassie Tiger Hunt - Megan Doherty

Gentleman, an adventurer - John Bryan

A gothic art attack - Sasha Grishin

Shakespeare's Girls, The Blood Babies and The Gnarled Blackened Castles of The Golden City of Prague - Helen Musa

The pilot: casualty of 1000 crashes - Sasha Grishin

Two Men in Harmony - Sasha Grishin

A Sense of strength and magic - Sasha Grishin

Evil Temptation - Ben Reid

A wing and a prayer - Ben Reid